Monday, April 7, 2014

And i'm afraid ..

Hello bloggie? Long time no post.

I've been good and currently i'm taking my practical here at KWSP sandakan, it was fun experiencing the whole new world, i mean working world but of course a bit tired :)

But that not what I want to share with you tonight bloggie. Expressing my love and a little bit of feeling where I don't want to lose this person so bad has take place in my heart. I wish I don't have this feeling, its makes me scared.

Just yesterday, I spend my time with him and I just can't stop talking " if he notice that lah ". It not like everyday I can talk to him like face to face, not everyday i can hold him, its not everyday i can see him and spending our time together. I don't wanna waste any time or even a second when I'm with him because I miss him that much! and I'm really really really happy when he suprisingly came to my house that night and the moment I saw his face I thank God for making one of my prayer came true.. " If I just can see him and hug him....I miss you so much.."

That night I felt it, He's not someone that I just can let go :'( ... What happen to me ohh? hmm.
And that what I scare the mossssttt !! Afraid if his feeling towards me ever change.. afraid if he ever lie to me and afraid if I will losing him someday ..