Saturday, December 9, 2017

I Will Go To You Like First Snow.

Before I held you I didn't know
That the world I was in was this bright.

I reached you with a small breath of life
It's a love that called out to me fearlessly.

I liked it so much
Watching over you my heart fluttering
Even when I ridiculously jealous
All of those ordinary moments.

In the dark eternity and in that long wait
Like sunshine you fell down to me.

Before I let go of you
I didn't know that the world I was in was this lonely.

Pretty flowers bloomed and withered here
The season of you will never come again.

I started to become greedy
I wanted to live with you and grow old with you
Hold your wrinkled hands
And say how warms my life is.

It was just on blessing
After that short counter
You cried like the rain.

I wanted to be happy for once
But that made you cry.

Forget everything and moved on
Because I will go to you
When you breath call out to me again.

Someday we'll meet again
It'll be the happiest day
I will go to you like the first snow.

Monday, November 27, 2017


Was the one of the blessed day I think for this entire year 2017. I managed to let out what I've been holding on for soooo long I guess. So thankyou so much God through Philip Mantofa you finally open my eyes and heart. And, thankyou for making this thing easy for me without getting emotionally hurt.

And I finally happy and blessed with my life now. Thanks family for the support and love. Thanks my old friends for always there stick by my side and never leave and thanks my new friends for coming into my life and make it wonderful. So yeahh! I'm single but not ready to mingle :* LOL ~