Saturday, May 4, 2013

Memo that she wrote while thinking of her cuzzy..

Dear Cuzzy, 
Hello hello hey. i am so lucky coz i have you around. when i was form 3 sitting my PMR exam, you are there  give me strong. talk to me before enter the examination hall. when i answer the paper you are always in my mind among the important people in my heart. when i am down, here you are again smiling at me and everything gonna be okay and i believe all that you had said to me, even though you will say that the moon are square, i am sure i will believe it. when i failed my examination, you say that you are proud of me, don't you know how happy i am. when i read your online diary on 19 July 2011. i am on the list of the girl you love. you can't imagine how was i smiling like silly girl. truly from my heart you are the best cousin ever in my life, heart and mind. love you much much and i pray to God that you will always and have a blessed life.

Seriously, bila dapat memo ni dari dia terus rasa terharu ni. hehe. She really make my day ohh! confirm tido ni mimpi indah terus. iloveyouuumuchhmuchh dear cuzzy Ojie! and me too really blessed to have you as my sweet cuzzy. Loveyouumuchhmuchhmore :*