Friday, March 22, 2013

My first love..

Suddenly changing my blog song to First Love song by Utada Hikaru..

Well, as i know everyone must have their own first love right? so do i :) my first love started when i was around 10 years old with someone who live near my house, someone full of shyness, playfull, cute and kind! There i was in the balcony of my house and always watching him play football with his friend and the only thing in my mind back then is how wonderful if i he get to be mine that time..... And for about 6 years that feeling never goes away. Weirdoo! isn't it? But when i was 16 years old i kind have to let go that feeling, trying to move on for " Some Reason " :') That's THE END OF MY FIRST LOVE!

But now, when i think of it he was never really disappear in my life because sometimes i kind a remember him, Just sometimes. He'll always gonna be my first love and nothing can change that. Obviously right? :D haha!

First love is my past but my last love is my future. So, i'm looking forward to have more wonderful moment with my last and i know God know who is right for me :) also hoping that you all out there will  find your own last love too. Cayo cayo! :D