Thursday, September 20, 2012

Haven't thought at all ..

Well .. somehow the feeling that i choose to let go about 3 month ago came back to me but this time with someone that i never imagine fall in love with and i don't know if it worth it or not , i can't help it and i just can't figure out  that yet :')

First of all , i like this feeling like a lot and yes he make happy , very actually :) but ... i think i should try to stop this , i mean stop on what i felt now before its getting too and too deep right ? :) Trying my best :') I just wish , i can believe on everything that he said to me and i kind a hope that he felt the same way about me ... hmmmm ! For some thought i wish he is my MR.RIGHT but .. it is complicated , sometimes something that you want the most , that you really want to love , that you really want make it yours but you just can't have it , no matter how hard you try , it won't work :)

For sometime , i hope for something that i knew would not happen and now i'm done with hoping , just gonna live my life the way it should be . I put my life in god's hand and i wait for him to lead me to the path that i should go :)

So ME ! Be happy , Enjoy and Have Fun ! Still have a long long long way to go :D * Cayo Cayo *