Saturday, May 19, 2012

Afternoon :)

How can you be friend with her/him when you have feeling for her/him ?

How can you stand watching someone you love is more happier being with someone else than you ?

How can you sleep with her/his on your mind ?

Why do siblings keep fighting ?

Why keeping secret from each other ?

Can you live alone without anyone by your side ?

Is privacy need for lovers ?

Are they supposed to be together when they in love ?

What if parents is the reason why you can be together with the one you love ?

Should we talk about something that already 'GONE' for a long time ago ?

Are you really happy with me or not ?

Should i slap my sister if she talking back ? LOL !

If your friend like you , i mean Like to Love ! why should you do ?

Have you ever think of your future ? What is look like ?

JUST MY RANDOMLY THINKING :) Sometimes i get the answer but sometimes i don't and sometimes the answer just making me confused >.< !