Tuesday, January 10, 2012

update - ing ?

Hello guys ! lama tak update blog kan ? hahaha . well , how you've been ? okay ?
well for me , its been a hard life since last week until now ! and im really tired of that so what did i do ? i just let it happen because i know i will not be the one who gonna stop it but GOD ! i just let it flow with everything that might happen to every people in their life . aku mana ada SUPER POWER yang bole hentikan semua benda yang buat aku sakit or sedih kan ? kalau aku ada power pun , first thing aku buat hilang kan rasa rasa yg bole buat aku disakiti . hewhewhew . tapi sayangnya mustahil lahh benda itu akan terjadi kan ? kann ? kann ? so live with it and enjoy every moment even when your sad or having some problem okay :)

kebahagian , kesedihan , kegembiraan , kesakitan dan kesabaran tidak akan kekal selamanya :) work with it guys and accept it whether you like it or not ! that what i do with my life now and i do believe in that :) okayy peeps , muahhh and have a nice life :*