Thursday, July 10, 2014


Reading old post of mine and all the comment of my picture that I ever posted on facebook. I used to post everything that I felt on facebook, I used to post every picture that show how happy or sad I'm in a facebook and I used to post a sweet words, lyrics song, video, a picture of mine and tag a person and a cute quotes to someone that I like. I used to always did that but not anymore and I didn't know when ever I stop doing that. I really don't know. Well, eventually something has to changed right?

I scroll scroll scroll and scroll and scroll my facebook page and read every comment of my post and my picture that I ever posted. Some make me laugh, some make me smile, some are just weird comment and some are just hard to read. The memories of every post. Why I posted in the first place.

And now, facebook? It just a page for me to watch any latest news, for me to see how all my friends doing and what goin on in their life. Me? Yes, I still post but not always :)