Saturday, May 11, 2013

Men cry? hmmm...

" Men hate to cry, they rarely ever do. But when a man cries over you, you knows he loves you. Because men only cry when they lost something or afraid of losing something that they love as much or more than themselves. " Is it true? hmm.. i kind a doubt that ~

When a guy cries for a girl, does that mean he truly loves her? I don't know whether to believe or not because sometimes as i know, guy can take this cry thing as one of their trick to get a girl? am i right? 

Until this point at this time, i still can remember of one person that called me in the middle of the night. he cry and tell me everything that he felt towards me. I can still remember every details that he told me. he also told me that he never been that way before and what he say and done really get to my heart even we were far from each other... And it keep me thinking maybe he really meant it when he say he loves me.. just maybe.. but, as time goes by maybe the feeling fades away and they slightly changed. well, the tears means nothing after all.

So for me lah, it is hard to know if they tears are really sincere or not. But if an egoistic guy cry over you, that means you really own a special place in their heart because it is really hard to get an egoistic guy cry for a girl and take note girls! an egoistic people won't easily show you their emotion.

I guess, that all for now.. gonna take a short nap . really really sleepy lerrr! dear degree of hotness in my head pleasee go away!!!!!! ~ have a great day bloogie :*